Message from the CEO



2021 was great year for all Dar es Salaam Port stakeholders, despite the lingering effects of a global pandemic and supply chains in turmoil, the throughput in Dar es Salaam Port remained strong and the ongoing redevelopment of the Port means we can expect continued positive results going forward.

I am pleased to report on another positive year for TICTS as the Terminal handled a record breaking 641,989TEUs, an increase of 40,306 or 6.7% compared to 601,654 TEUs handled in 2020.Although the increase in volume was impressive, several challenges prevented the terminal from achieving even higher throughput. For the first 4 months of the year, TICTS was only able to berth two vessels at the same time due to the 3 old TPA Quay Cranes occupying over 110m of berthing space, these cranes had been idle for more than 5 years. Fortunately, TICTS obtained TPA approval to dismantle the old cranes and given the need for the additional berthing space, TICTS paid US$2m to remove them which allowed us to berth 3 vessels at the same time and increase capacity. Then in July, just 2 months after we started to berth 3 vessels, a survey carried out by two separate third party consultants (one commissioned by TICTS and another by TPA) identified 36 piles supporting the quay at berth 8-11 required immediate repair and the berthing of 3 vessels was again not possible. TICTS quickly found a contractor and obtained TPA approval to repair the piles at a cost of almost US$1m. This took over 4 months and it was therefore the end of October before TICTS could berth 3 vessels again. With out the above issues, I believe TICTS growth in throughput would have been in excess of 10%

While 2021 was a record-breaking year for TICTS, this could not have achieved without the strong support of shareholders, management team and the tireless efforts of the employees who despite the various challenge, continued to perform at exceptionally high levels.

The maritime industry has continued to evolve and TICTS as the only specialized Container Terminal Operator in Tanzania has built a strong reputation in all segments of the maritime business by engaging with Ministry of Works and Transport, TPA, TRA, TASAC, TAFFA, TASAA, CIDAT and all other key Stakeholders in the industry in number of forums aiming at modernizing and enhancing the productivity and efficiency of Dar Es Salaam Port.

We would also like to appreciate the continued support from the Government of Tanzania with the initiatives in infrastructure improvements including the rehabilitation the Dar-es-salaam Port with Dar-es-salaam Maritime Gateway Programme (DGMP) so as to enhance Port capability in handling Post

Panamax vessels. The progress in 2021 is impressive and we look forward to working with the TPA on the continued development of berths 8-11, especially in our joint efforts to ensure the ongoing handling capacity of the port during the redevelopment process.

We are also very appreciative of the TPA’s ongoing dredging of the entrance channel to increase depth and widening of the turning basins which will allow vessels with deeper draft and longer LOA berthing at our Port without restrictions. Once completed this will significantly reduce the waiting times at outer anchor.

Besides all the excellent achievements in 2021, we continue to face some long-term capacity challenges which we believe with the support and collaborative approach from the Government, TPA and all the other stakeholders can be resolved.

Despite the challenges in the capacity constraint of quay length and yard storage, TICTS is still able to achieve the year-on-year volume growth because we receive full support from the Government and TPA - the ongoing Port rehabilitation, temporary concession approval in nominating Transit cargo to external ICDs’ and the construction of Ruvu-ICD will create more terminal space for smooth vessel and yard operations. These external facilities and others once fully operational will increase the storage capacity outside which will therefore increase Port Throughput to more than 1 million TEU per annum

Finally, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all stakeholders who have contributed to TICTS achievements especially our Board of Directors, staff, DOWUTA, Ministry of Works and Transport, TPA, TRA, TAFFA, TASAA, CIDAT and TASAC. I am also looking forward to the continued support of all these stakeholders as we work together on ensuring the continued improvement of TICTS and the Port of Dar es Salaam on our quest to be the number one port of choice in East, Central and Southern Africa Region.


Matthew Clifft

Ag Chief Executive Officer, TICTS