Message from the CEO



2020 was an unprecedented year for us all. No one was prepared or could foresee the Global Pandemic or the impact and challenges it has caused across every business sector and our daily life.

Despite of the challenges, I am pleased to report on another positive year for TICTS and Dar-Es Salaam Port as a whole as we continued to deliver improved services to our customers and key stakeholders and at the same time provide a safe working environment for our staff and customers to operate during the pandemic. Whilst many countries and industries closed or moved to working from home during the pandemic, TICTS continued to provide 24/7 service throughout the year and would like to thank the TPA and TICTS staff for their dedication and hard work during these unprecedented times.

In 2020 the Terminal handled 601,654TEUs, a slight decline of 0.6% compared to 2019 but it is the second highest record after 2019. The volume was impacted by the Global Pandemic which affected the cargo movements not only in Tanzania but also other parts of the World. We estimate the impact on TEU’s handled to be approximately 20,000-25,000 or 3-4% on an annual basis. Therefore, excluding the impact of the pandemic, we would have seen growth of 3-4% to about 625,000 TEU’s. .

In order to support the ongoing trend of shipping lines deploying larger vessels and more containers per vessel, TICTS has continued to invest heavily in container handling equipment in 2020 by acquiring 3 RTGs, 1-Reachstaker and 6-Tractors and Trailers to further supplement the investments made in prior years. This ensure TICTS have sufficient equipment to handle the expected increase in cargo during 2021 and beyond.

The maritime industry is evolving and TICTS as the only specialized Container Terminal Operator in Tanzania has built a strong reputation in all segments of the maritime business by engaging with TPA, TRA, TASAC, TAFFA, TASAA and other key Stakeholders in the industry in number of forums aiming at modernizing and enhancing the productivity and efficiency of Dar Es Salaam Port.

We are also pleased to see the continued support from the Government of Tanzania with the initiatives in infrastructure improvements including the rehabilitation the Dar-es-salaam Port with Dar-es-salaam Maritime Gateway Programmer (DGMP) so as to enhance Port capability in handling Post Panamax vessels. The progress in 2020 is impressive and we look forward to working with the TPA on the continued development of berths 8-11, especially in our joint efforts to ensure the ongoing handling capacity of the port during the redevelopment process.

Despite the challenges in the capacity constraint of quay length and yard storage, TICTS is still able to achieve the year-on-year volume growth because we receive full support from the Government and TPA - the ongoing Port rehabilitation, temporary concession approval in nominating DR-Congo Transit cargo to external ICDs’ and the construction of Ruvu-ICD will create more terminal space for smooth vessel and yard operations.

As it is concluded 2020 is a uniquely challenging year, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all stakeholders who have been contributed to TICTS in the achievements from our Board of Directors, staff, DOWUTA, TPA, TRA, TAFFA, TASAA and TASAC. I am also looking forward to the continued support of all these stakeholders as we work together on ensuring the continued improvement of TICTS and the Port of Dar es Salaam on our quest to be the number one port of choice in East Africa.


Horace Hui

Chief Executive Officer