Message from the CEO


The port of Dar es Salaam is a vital part of the supply chain supporting trade to and from Tanzania and the neighboring countries.  TICTS wishes to engage with all stakeholders to ensure that we build an efficient facility that can handle the often complex trade passing through the port.

TICTS is making significant investments to upgrade the port of Dar es Salaam to be the most preferred getaway to sub Saharan Africa for reliable and best services.

I am looking forward to drive our organization to its peak performance while working with stakeholders in transforming the shipping service industry in Tanzania and port of Dar es salaam in particular with the goal of making the corridors connecting Dar port with other countries to be more competitive than other transport corridors in the region. TICTS will work hand in hand with other stakeholders and the government of Tanzania to make sure this is achieved and maintained.

We are pleased to have a continuous interaction with you through this website and for it to act as a medium of communication between you and us. This website will provide you with all timely updates of our activities as well as reachable contacts in case of a need for detailed information or any other assistance.

We welcome you to be part of our TICTS family and your contribution in terms of comments, suggestions, and recommendations will be highly appreciated.

Jared H. Zerbe
Chief Executive Officer