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A world of opportunity

Why join us?

Hutchison Ports couldn’t lead the ports industry without leading the world in talent.

So, we make it our business to work with genuinely ambitious, open-minded, progressive people from all cultures, backgrounds and areas of experience – the kind of people who strive to make a positive difference to our network.

Equal opportunity & diversity

TICTS is committed to the principle of equal employment opportunity for all. We ensure employees are hired, promoted and assigned positions on basis of business needs, job requirements, individual abilities and qualifications.

The selection process affords equal opportunities to all persons who share the Hutchison Group’s commitment to excellence, regardless of race, color, national and social origin, ethnicity, religion, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation or gender identification or expression.

What it’s like to work with us

TICTS is committed to providing its employees with a positive, diverse, respectful, and safe working environment where individual growth is fostered, and business goals can be achieved.

Let us hear from our people


Statistics Manager

“I have been an employee of Hutchison ports Tanzania (TICTS) for 17 years, working in different positions. It has been a privilege and I have enjoyed seeing the company grow. I feel happy working with a multinational company with such a reputable experience in port industry business.Having these many working years with Hutchison ports Tanzania, I have enjoyed growth experiences through day to day responsibilities, training and travelling. These are among the factors that have grown my capabilities and built my confidence.The thing I have enjoyed most being part of Hutchison Ports Tanzania is seeing the career growing opportunities the company gives to the staff. As part of my role in statistics and marketing activities, I have enjoyed working interactions within and outside the organization, attending conferences and travels even interacting with people around the globe.”



Maintenance Supervisor

“Am happy to join Hutchison Ports Tanzania because it is Steering the Future of Logistics through providing new challenges, development opportunities and quality of services. This makes us to be the leading container terminal in and the gateway to sub Saharan to all our clients through employee empowerment, teamwork and partnership.Moreover, most enjoyable thing is the opportunity of personal development thus I would say that Hutchison Ports Tanzania is the best place to work, with growth merits and learning opportunities and finally you can explore your talents. I joined Hutchison Ports Tanzania since 2008 with Technician level but now I have degree level. Meaning that the Hutchison Ports is meritocratic and have more chances to grow.”



SSG operator

"I Joined Hutchison Port Tanzania (TICTS) in 2015 in Operations department as an Equipment Operator. Through Health, Safety and environmental policy that the company has in place, it has made the company to be the safest place to work and we feel safe.I feel proud to be part of the multinational company, apart from performing my day to day activities I also managed to develop my career from equipment operator and now I am a holder of bachelor’s degree in marketing and Public relations.

I would like to thank the Management for giving the employees priorities and improving policies that value the employees and supporting them in the implementation of their day to day responsibilities and together we achieve the goal.”



Senior Infrastructure Analyst

“The fact that TICTS provide suitable working environment and encourage socialization (team building, Sports, supporting community) help me to connect with many people and strengthen collaboration. Regardless of the challenges, you know you have a team behind to work with you.Hutchison ports Tanzania is among biggest companies in Tanzania and a place you can nurture your experience, skills and knowledge. I have been here for about 5 years now and handled big projects like: -Company Network revamping at new town office, Infrastructure for new Datacenter, Yard RDS Wi-fi Improvement to mention a few. This has been possible because of good support from Management Team.Port is one among core source of country economy, and it feels so good and proud working at Hutchison ports Tanzania.”



Risk Manager

“I have been with Hutchison ports Tanzania (TICTS) for almost 12 years. During this period, I experienced and managed to develop my career starting from a temporary clerk to Risk Manager, it has been so wonderful being a part of the company and vividly I see how I grow with the company.

One of the most thing I enjoyed is the opportunities to work with different people who have all contributed to develop my career in one way or another. I believe the only way to do great work is to love what you do and try your best to face challenges and find best solution.”



Operation Supervisor

“I have been with Hutchison Ports Tanzania (TICTS) for 13 years. During this period, I have worked as RTG operator then promoted to SSG Operator the position that I held for five years.
I am glad to have grown to the position of Operation Supervisor the position that increase my ability to master port operations.
Major things I enjoy the most about being part of the Hutchison Port Tanzania is the ability to work well with my colleagues and customers as one family whom together we improve our Operations. I feel proud to be part of the Hutchison Ports Tanzania success and seeing the company grow.”



Assistant Operations Manager

“I Joined Hutchison Ports Tanzania (TICTS) in 2013 at planning and Control section as an Operations supervisor. I was then promoted to different position such as Senior Controller, Assistant Planning and Control Manager, and now I am the Assistant Operations Manager. being part of the Tanzania team who strive to bring changes and economic development to the East and Central African countries who relies on Dar es salaam port gateway for shipping of various essential commodities through the provision of excellent terminal services to our clients and stakeholders. Moreover, the company is the leading service provider for container handling services for at the Port of Dar e salaam, which makes me proud to be a member of Hutchison Port Tanzania. I am captivated working with Hutchison port Tanzania, the ports sector is fascinating, challenging, relevant in daily life, with real opportunities to be useful to society and realize the full potential of our capabilities. Moreover, I got an opportunity to meet with multi-cultural people and be able to work together as one team. In general, hardworking employees at Hutchison Ports Tanzania, they have good chance of career growth, the company provides opportunities for people to develop and take different positions through promotion,training and career development programs.”


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