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Security Arrangement and Assistance with Gaining Authorized Port Access:
TICTS is pleased to announce that from the inception of the World IMO charter (01 July 2004), TICTS is a registered ISPS facility and state further verification and compliance to the International Code for the Security of Ships and Port Facilities (ISPS).

Access to TICTS for official business:
TICTS Security is always ready to assist with enabling friendly and fast documentation processing, for all visitors to the Terminal and ICD facilities. TICTS gate No 5 is exclusive to all TICTS visitors as an entry point to the container terminal. However due to the busy operation at the gate on a 24 hour basis and to avoid delays, it is necessary to have a previously arranged appointment through the normal channels of business, prior to arriving at the TICTS No 5 gate.

The visitors name and particulars are provided through to security by a respective TICTS person in authority, a port security pass is applied for internally to the TPA and TICTS (Security group office). Once the documentation process is completed, a copy of the authorized entry application letter will be placed at the gate awaiting the arrival of the visitor to TICTS.

On arrival at Gate no 5 the visitor will be assisted and directed to the Container terminal entrance where a TICTS safety induction procedure will be conducted and temporary entry permit issued.

As part of the entry requirement to TICTS, all personnel inclusive of TICTS staff will be subjected to a non-intrusive check of personal belongings. This is carried out in the best interests of safety and security with the highest respect to the rights of individuals being accorded.

Should access be required into any TICTS premises on a regular basis for on-going business with TICTS, easy to use formalities and processes are in place to assist all our esteemed customers.

(ISPS Officer)
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