Export Process

  1. Shipping Lines send TICTS an engagement or booking list to indicate shipper’s arrangements/booking on particular vessels.
  2. Shippers, through their appointed Clearing and Forwarding Agents (CFAs), are required to submit to TICTS their Loading Lists after completion of stuffing operations.
  3. After TICTS Charges have been paid shippers are requested to make their bookings at TICTS’s Delivery Office.
  4. Shippers are required to deliver their containers as per date and time specified on Export Booking Order.
  5. After booking, CFA are advised the date and time when the containers are required to be delivered in the Terminal.
  6. Vessels are opened for five days to allow shippers to deliver their containers within this period.
  7. Gates are closed 24 hrs before vessel arrives.

Export Process (Click to view visual plan)

Loading List

Shippers/agents who wish to preadvice containers prior to vessel arrival can complete our loading list form and submit as an attachment to respective shipping lines.