CEO’s commitment to Health, Safety & Environment Protection

At TICTS we are conscious that our activities may affect the Health, Safety, of our employees, visitors, surrounding communities and Environment wellbeing in the areas we operate to a greater or lesser degree; and we are committed to continuous improvement in health, Safety and Environment performance, believing that it is good business practice and contributes to stakeholders’ confidence. To demonstrate this as a way we live and work at TICTS we will ensure we::

Will implement a risk based, aspect and impact HSE management system that meets industry standards.

Comply with all relevant national & international legislations, regulations and other requirements as a minimum standard for the health, safety & Environmental practices and management procedures.

Maintain health, safety & Environment management programme based on the principles of continuous improvement, prevention of health, safety risks & environment impact.

Review our health, safety & environmental objectives and set targets on an annual basis to ensure TICTS management programs address the commitment to Health, safety and environment protection.

Integrate Health, Safety & Environmental wellbeing considerations into all our activities.

Monitor and assess all ill health, Safety & Environmental incidents through the completion of detailed reports and follow up of recommended actions.

Train, supervise and disseminate best practice information to all employees to reduce health, safety & environmental risks at all levels.

Perform regular audits and inspections to assess the health, safety & environmental performance of the site.

Establish communication with stake holders to review and discuss health, safety & Environmental issues for improving performance, finding solutions to health, safety environmental concerns.

Maintain a health, safety & Environmental Management System that meets Tanzania legislations and regulations as a minimum.

Matthew Clifft

Chief Executive Officer