Information and Technology

The terminal has undergone major changes that include the installation of a new sophisticated terminal software operating system known as the Next Generation Terminal Management System (nGEN). nGen, the award-winning proprietary system developed in-house, is a modular, scalable terminal-management platform that controls the entire scope of operations including ship and yard planning, gate operations, vessel operations and interactions, yard configuration and performance, overall operations monitoring, equipment utilisation, productivity and cost optimisation. Using powerful algorithms, nGen is able to offer the most precise and efficient operating solution to our customers.

Radio Data System (RDS)which  is the second phase of the implementation of nGen, went live in April 2012.It provides staff and equipment (SSG, RTGs and Reach Stackers) with a means to communicate and interact with nGen/RDS in real-time so that container information can be updated instantly at the point of loading or unloading. Ngen  is totally designed to help terminal operators to take advantage on the RDS to increase an overall productivity. With such a system instructions and data can be passed through the terminal in a flash. Mobile workers and container handling equipment have a means to interact with nGen and update information in real time.

TICTS recognises the importance of manpower training and development as well. It has been an implicitly part of the package for our IT Projects. To ensure that nGen works efficiently and effectively, continuous external and in – house training of our staff is fundamental. However TICTS will continue to invest in information communication and technology (ICT) focusing on achieving unparalleled development of terminal operations to match the rapid evolution in the ICT sector.