Ticts Football & Tug of war Team Sports Tour at (TPA)Tanga Port

26th August 2022

On 27th Aug 2022,Ticts Football & Tug of war teams pay a visit to (TPA) Tanga port on sports tour  arranged by Staff to strength our Team work and Good relationship with TPA

Jerome Namweleni(Ticts Assistance Gate manager hand over Umbrella to Tanga port staff.

Patrick Kusiga(TICTS – Landside Execution Manager)hand over Umbrella with Ticts Log on it has Gift to one of staff of Tanga port.

Ticts Tug of War team on action

Tanga port tug of war team on action

Ticts football Team on action

Ticts football team captain(mussa mbwambo -Right )warming up with Team

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