Ticts staff participating on Heart half Marathon

26th april 2017

Ticts Staffs  on 26th April 2017  Joined Thousands of runners with their families and friends of heart marathon on their  effort on fighting and raise community awareness on the current alarming increase in preventable chronic diseases (blood pressure, diabetics, heart diseases, cancers, stroke etc.). Running the Heart Marathon is the stepping stone for a change in personal attitude towards life style related disease as well as having fun run with colleagues.

Fredi Mwambola,Jennifer(IT) Lema,Victorin Swai(Finance Manager),Anorld Tarimo(Commercial) and Awadhi Njovu(IT)

 Fredi Mwambola,Jennifer Lema(IT Depertment),Victorin Swai(Finance Manager),Anorld Tarimo(Commercial Depertment) for 21.KM and Awadhi Njovu(IT Depertment) for 10.KM.representing TICTS on HEART MARATHON at Starting Point Kaole Road Oyster bay Dar es salaam.

Jennifer Lema(IT Depertment) after  completing  21.KM half marathon

Fred Mwambola (IT Depertment) after  completing  21.KM half marathon



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